We Endorse The Children!

Community Candidate Profiles

COMMUNITY CANDIDATES: (L-R) Harris-Tigg, Belton-Cottman, McIntyre, Elliott, Woods.

COMMUNITY CANDIDATES: (L-R) Harris-Tigg, Belton-Cottman, McIntyre, Elliott, Woods.

We asked the above community School Board candidates several questions, among them,  what they saw as the number one issue facing our schools.

We hope that their answers, coupled with what you may already know about them, will help you in your choice on election day, Tuesday May 3. We found them to be strong knowledgeable and conscientious. And when you remove the politics and camps and outside supporters with their hidden agendas –even though they may not always agree on the method or path –  these candidates appear to be on the same page when it comes to working in the best interest of the children.     On   Tuesday May 3,  please go to the polls if you genuinely care about your children, and vote for the community candidate of your choice. You hold the power. See you at the polls!


What Do You See As The Number One Issue Facing The Schools District Today?

•THERESA HARRIS-TIGG (Running for re-election in the East District): The number one issue facing the school district today is the inability to provide a high quality education and learning opportunities for ALL our students every day in every school.

•PATRICIA ELLIOTT (Write-In Candidate for the East District Seat): Children being forced to stay in these Burning Buildings (failing schools) when the law says that they have the right to transfer to a school in good standing.  My daughter was in a failing school and I fought to move her into a school in good standing. (Mrs. Elliott also cited wrongful suspensions and the need for a more diverse teaching staff).

•PAULETTE WOODS (Candidate for Central District):  The number one issue facing the School district today is the high dropout rate, followed by the high suspension rate which results in only 61% of Buffalo School children graduating.  Three out of four African American and Hispanic male fail to complete high school. We must increase the graduation rate and break this school to prison pipeline for our youth. 

•BRYON MCINTYRE (Running for the Central District Set): Disparity of treatment and deliverance of services to children.

•SHARON BELTON-COTTMAN (Running for re-election unopposed in the Ferry District). Ms. Belton-Cottman has consistently spoken out on issues and been vocal about inequality, lack of diversity in teaching staff and the need to improve academic achievement. She is on the ballot but missed the deadline to participate in the questionnaire.)


What is your position on Common Core & standardized testing? Making AfricanInfusion studies mandatory in the curriculum?

•THERESA HARRIS-TIGG: The standards are not developmentally accurate for each grade level and is embedded in bias.  Standardized testing ignores/discounts contextual factors that relate to the children and their opportunity for success on the test and perpetuates labeling children, teachers, and schools unfairly.    African/African-American studies is essential learning for all people.  To expunge African/African American studies from our curriculum is a detriment to all people and especially for Africa/African American children where it attacks intrinsic motivation and hope.  

•PATRICIA ELLIOTT: My own personal opinion is that I feel Common Core is in the best interest of all our children. They need to be challenged so that they can strengthen what is weak and ultimately they will reach their fullest potential.  As for the state testing, I cannot say what a parent should do for their children. That is for them to decide,

 I feel African studies should be mandatory and implemented exactly the way it was designed!  It should be infused it into Everything and into every subject!  We should use African examples because we have mostly African children in this district.

•PAULETTE WOODS: I feel tests are necessary to measure student achievement and to evaluate teacher performance. But as stated by Dr. Barbara Nevergold:  “new tests need to be developed, the current test does not measure the diverse abilities of the test takers, nor provide constructive educational data benefiting students.” My position is that African Infusion studies now called African American history studies should be mandatory in the curriculum.  It is important that all students know of the contributions of African Americans in the building this great nation. 

•BRYON MCINTYRE: It should be a universal standard to bring all up to a higher standard. Common Core training was in place but not mandated and truly became an issue when it was tied to evaluations. Standardized Testing / Opt out - is a union driven movement that only suburban communities engage (West Senaca led the state but other communities didn’t have more than 20% opt out ). Children will be tested through their entire life. It’s no more testing being done, it’s just a louder call for accountability. These issues are adult driven. African Infusion has already been sanctioned in Buffalo Public Schools. It needs to be implemented and should be.

Why Should The People Vote For You

•THERESA HARRIS-TIGG : Residents should vote for me because I am clear about my intentions and the essential work of a board member: to fight for high quality teaching, learning, and opportunities for ALL our students.  Some examples of my first term critical board work include: excellent attendance and preparedness at board and committee meetings; consistent school visits in the East district and other schools providing support and leadership as a professional educator; chairing Student Achievement meetings with district administrators; responsive and timely attention to parent concerns, emails and telephone calls; attended national school board association conferences/workshops and caucus meetings to increase my agency in working with budgets, maintenance, operations, and legal matters as well as advocacy; chaired many charter school public hearings.

•PATRICIA ELLIOTT:I have been an active parent since 1994 when my daughter was in the 3rd grade. With my next set of children I was a Head Start parent, Policy Council representative.  I was a homeroom parent, member of the PTA. (Served as) DPCC Treasurer, Health Committee Chairperson I advocated for the requested that the Board to Fund the Youth Risk Behavior Survey for kids to say what it is that they do to put them at risk Parents are not going to be able to make the difference if the people on the board don’t know what parents are going through.  They are having discussions and making decisions and are not in the seat of a parent! As a Board Member I will be there and I will make sure they know how they are making decisions and how it impacts parents because I am one! A parent on the board is the ONLY way this can be done.  

•PAULETTE WOODS: Vote for Paulette Woods for the Buffalo Board of Education Central School District representative, because I have dedicated my life to children.  I have tutored my                                              11 younger brothers and sisters through high school, college, and graduate school.   My 32 years working for Erie County has been devoted to creating and funding Youth Development/ Delinquency Prevention Programs in the Erie County Youth Services department, and breaking the school to prison pipeline for our youth through Detention and Probation diversion programs. I have a long history of working with community leaders such as Apostle Robert Sanders Sr.  in creating programs like the “Citadel of Hope” to redirect children’s lives from brokenness and the criminal justice system.I have experience in managing a 1.5 billion dollar county budget, therefore I can find cost saving in the Buffalo School Budget; which I will redirect toward arts, music, and sports so we teach to the whole child.    I can be instrumental in helping make Buffalo Public Schools successful; providing a world class education for our students.

•BRYON MCINTYRE:  I’ve been actively involved in EducationalJustice on the front line for over 15 years. I have run for office 5 times and have remained very active no matter what. I have served as 1st Vice of DPCC, member of Special Education Parent Advisory Committee 12 years, Chairperson, member of the Tittle One Committee 4 years, PTO president at my children’s school presently Hutch Tech,  and on the Sight Base Management Team ( SBMT ) at all my children’s schools.  I have been actively involved with children in Buffalo Public Schools for the last 20 years. Working with State Education Department Regents Collins and former Regents Bennett on bringing new policies to the 8 surrounding Counties on new and best practices for Special Education.     I’ve been true to my God, true to my Family and true to my community. I didn’t just show up, that’s why the citizens should vote for me!