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1623: Queen Nzingha becomes Monarch of Ndanga (Angola) and declares war on the Portuguese.

1655: 1,500 enslaved Africans go to Jamaican mountains, establishing free Maroon communities.

1663: Slave rebellion takes place on September 13th in Gloucester County, Virginia.

1712:  A slave insurrection occurred April 7th in New York City. 

1739: The Maroons of Jamaica and the British sign a peace treaty on March 1st. 

1770: Crispus Attucks is one of the first to die for America at the Boston Massacre on March 5th. 

1772 :Lord Mansfield declares exportation of slaves from Britain illegal.

1776: During American Revolution many Blacks fight for British promised freedom ( ends 1783) 

1777: The Republic of Vermont passes the 1st constitution in the U.S prohibiting slavery. 

1777: 5,000 African participate in the U.S. Revolutionary War. 

1783: Blacks establish settlements in Nova Scotia Separately from Whites & legally unrecognized. 

1786: Quakers in Pennsylvania begin to organize the Underground Railroad.