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Important Dates in Black History Part 1

1290 -The Dogon of Mali plot the orbits of various universes and star systems including Sirius B1

1300 -The slave trade greatly expands in northern Africa, Ethiopia and the West African savanna

1324 - Emperor of Mali, Mansa Musa goes to Mecca with an entourage of 60,000

1332 - Death of Mansa Musa, the great King of Mali (ruled 1307-1332)

1438 - The Portuguese travel down the coast of Africa

1442 - The Portuguese buy a small number of African prisoners of war from other Africans

1492 - Pedro Alonzo Nino, one of Columbus’ crew on his first voyage to the west, was an African.

1493 - On Columbus’ second voyage Africans were brought to Jamaica, enslaved, and eventually tookpart in a revolt.

1518 - The first enslaved Africans arrived in South America, the Caribbean and North America 

1538 - The first recorded importation of Africans into Brazil 

1606 - Enslaved Africans in Brazil establish Maroon Settlement know as Palmares

1619 - At the Jamestown settlement in Virginia, John Rolfel reported in his Journal that on August 20, “there came in a Dutch man-of-warre that sold us 20 negars.” These first Africans in English North American colonies came as indentured servants. 

Sources: Jemal Cheatham & The Chronological History of the Negro in America, Bergman and Bergman