Citizens demonstrate killing of 15-year-old Leon Mosley by police in 1948. 

                                       Citizens demonstrate killing of 15-year-old Leon Mosley by police in 1948. 


5-Year-Old Leon Mosley

As reported by the Afro-American newspaper, Dec. 25, 1948 edition, 65 years before the #BlackLivesMatter movement was launched on social media, the trial of policeman Louis Melasi got underway in December1948. Melasi was indicted on charge of involuntary manslaughter. He requested and was granted a bench trial instead of a jury trial after killing 15-year-old Leon Mosley. Leon, a high school student was shot in the back as he ran from a stolen carafter it crashed, and was chased by Melasi. Eleven witnesses testified the first day of the trial who saw murder.  The police officer was tried but he was acquitted. 

10-Year-Old Clifford Glover

On April 28, 1973, in South Jamaica, Queens, Clifford Glover was walking with his stepfather when two plainclothes White police pulled up and jumped out with their guns drawn. Fearing it was a stick up, they ran. The cops, who claimed they were looking for a robber, began to shoot. One of the officers, Thomas Shea, hollered “You Black son of a bitches!”  and fired a shot. In the moments after the fatal shooting, Shea was recorded on walkie-talkie transmissions to a dispatcher saying “Die, you little bastard.” Clifford Glover, a 10 year old 4thgrader, weighed 90pounds. He had been shot in the back. “They killed my son in cold blood,” said his mother, Eloise Armstead.  Shea was tried and acquitted of murder but fired from the force.