Queen Charlotte, Britain’s First Black Queen

After the overwhelming “hate Meghan Markle” reaction to the rumored Black girlfriend of Prince Harry, following British media’s reports of their love affair, NewsOnepointed out the African ancestry of Britain’s royal family––directly embodied by Queen Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Britain’s first BlackQueen.

Here are a few things you may or may not know about Queen Sophia Charlotte:

1. Queen Charlotte, the eighth child of Duke Charles Louis Frederick and Elizabeth Albertine, was born on May 19, 1744, according to PBS Frontline. She descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a Black branch of the Portuguese Royal House, the report says. Queen Charlotte eventually married King George III and bore 15 children, 13 of whom survived, African-American Registry writes. She is the great, great, great-grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II.

2. Artists who depicted the Queen were told to downplay her African features for fear of revealing the monarch’s history of intermixing and inbreeding, 

3. Queen Charlotte died on November 17, 1818, but her legacy lives on in America-––the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, or the “Queen City,” is named in her honor, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

SOURCE: PBS Frontline, African-American Registry,Atlanta Black Star