The DA’s Race Matters

We Endorse John Flynn for Erie County District Attorney 

On Tuesday, September 13, Primary Election Day, voters will go to the polls to elect the next Erie County District Attorney.

At a time when the criminal justice system isexperiencinggrowing complaints of racial injustice and excessive use of forcecases by police, what is sorely needed is a DA’s office marked by decency, transparency and abasic, uncompromising sense of fairness andjustice.

There is a huge disconnect between police and the African American Community.

Erie County and the City of Buffalo needsa person who is not only qualified to ridthe DA’s office of the prosecutorialand political cronyism ,  arroganceand unchecked power that marked the administration of former DA Frank Sedita; but who   possesses the collaborative skill and sensitivity to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the African American community.

We believe that person is Democratic endorsed candidate, Attorney John Flynn. And we   join a host of right-thinking, religious, civic and legal representatives from this community, inurging our readers to cast their vote for him on Primary Election Day.

Mr. Flynn has the qualifications, experience, the vision andequally as important, the desire, to make a real difference and usher in tangible change.

There is a saying in the Black community, that there is no justice in the courts - “just us.” 

Given the disproportionate number of people of color and the economically disadvantaged in the criminal justice system, therole the officeofDistrict Attorney playsin the lives of defendants, their families and the community they serve, isextremely significant.

“The role of prosecutor is due justice for people who have committed crimes and for victims of crime. That includes dismissing cases when they learn that the crime they thought was committed by an individual, did not occur.  The just thing is to hold people only accountable for what they did, and only what they did. Sometimes prosecutors try to win and not get justice.” (Cynthia Jones, professor at the Washington College of Law at American University).

We believe that Mr. Flynnis the best choice in this election; a worthy and capable candidate whowill work hardtopursue justice for all.

Join us in casting your vote for John Flynn forErie County District Attorney on Primary Election Day, TuesdaySeptember 13.   It matters!