Master Barber Chris Vaughn Drops His

Top Five Tips For Aspiring Barbers

  1. Show up on time . Showing up is one thing but showing up on time is important. You never want to keep clients waiting for you to get there. Be on time every day no matter if you work for someone or work for yourself.
  2. Get Licensed. Make sure you are acurrent licensed Barber. If not seek information on local schools or programs. Get certified to take the State Board Exam for your Barber license. 
  3. Build A Basic Tool Kit   Your basic kit should always include adjustable clipper, trimmer/outliner, barber scissor 6” up, comb, brush, pick razor, disposable blades cutting cape, neck strips, alcohol, duster, guards and talc. 
  4. Know YourBlades/Clippers. Metal blades cut closer than plastic comb guards. Hair filters through metal easier than plastic so the blades will have a closer cut with less passes over a section. The best detachable blade/ clipper is the Oster Classic 76 which has a universal motor and delivers maximum power to the blade (cordless version called “Octane” )  The best adjustable clipper (uses plastic guards) is the Wahl Senior that has a magnetic motor allows speed to be delivered to the blade the cordless version is called ‘ Magic Clip’
  5. Check Yourself. You are an image style maker and your personal image and hygiene is paramount in this profession. A client’s proximity to you and your personal space should always be comfortable so be aware of your body odor and look the part, keep it neat business professional or business casual.

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Master Barber

                    Chris Vaugn enjoying the art of educating during one of his class lectures 

                    Chris Vaugn enjoying the art of educating during one of his class lectures 

Master Barber Chris Vaughn Smith of Buffalo is a highly acclaimed 4th generation Barber who has been cutting, and styling hair for over 30 years. He has won over 20 awards in male hairstyling, including the prestigious National Cosmetology Association Award (NCA) January 1993. Chris also serves as an International Ambassador for Oster Professional Products and has been traveling around the world not only doing hair demonstrations but giving memorable lectures inspiring the emerging talents in today's industry. Chris was an alternate member of the United States Olympic Hairstyling Team. He has worked in the film and television industry for over two decades and has cut, or styled such individuals as Muhammad Ali, Ms. Maya Angelou, DL Hughley, Bruce Willis, Toby McGuire, Spike Lee and many more. 

He recently blessed an audience with indelible advice during one of his limited speaking engagements - “The Line of Demarcation”- a barber class where he shared his best practices to the most asked question in barbering: “ How Do I Get The Line Out?”  Chris is also co-host to an online radio program with another great industry leader, Shirlena Allen, on Global Voice Broadcasting . Like Chris she has also been serving entertainers, celebrities and the community for over 30 years.  The show “Talk Hair Media & Entertainment” was created to enhance, elevate and promote networks surrounding the hair/beauty and wellness industry. Bravo Chris Vaughn!