Kickstarter Fundraising Event for The Blackness Project Film Set

The Blackness Project is a feature length documentary film about culture and race from the perspectives of African American and other minorities. The film was inspired from conversations about the "Whiteness Project" which is a similar documentary discussing race and the perceived loss of white privilege by White Americans. The main purpose of The Blackness Project film is to bridge the gap between White and Black Americans with in depth interviews on race. As the film continues to undergo the editing process, its producers are planning a Kickstarter fundraising event on December 5 at the Daemen College Theater in the Tri-Main Center in Buffalo. Money raised from that event, project leaders say, will cover the cost of distributing the film. The Blackness Project’s executive producer is Peter Johnson. Directing the documentary is Korey Green, who has worked on nearly a half dozen short films and has won numerous awards for his work. For more information on the film go to their website,