Where is the Outrage Over The Death Of 3-Year-Old Mayouna Smith?

Dear Editor

I am writing this because everybody seems to comment on the Bills, the Sabres, the politicians but no one writes about the murder of little 3 year old Mayouna Smith in the Allenhurst Apts., on January 17, 2014. There was a follow up letter written in the News on July 12 of this year describing the horrible Injuries suffered by this little girl. To date, not one person has been charged when there was only her mother, the mother’s boyfriend and an infant in their home. 

How in the name of the Heavenly Father can the D.A. let this go! Where is the justice for this child? I have a 3-year-old great grand daughter and if something even close to this happened to her I would be sitting on the District Attorney’s front steps to get an answer as to why this baby’s murderer is still free! 

How about some letters about this! 

 -Jamie Harri