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Praise for Paradise House Fundraiser Speakers

     Dear Editor:

     Buffalo City Court Judge Robert Russell possesses the most innovative legal mind to be found in this century. His juridical ideas have been borrowed and duplicated in courts all over the United States and the world.  He earned his reputation as a national leader by creating special courts for those who suffer at the edge of society.  He invented the Buffalo Drug Treatment Court, Veteran’s Treatment Court, and Mental Health Treatment Court and added programs run by volunteers offering support for those who need it.  He turned down an appointment to the New York State Supreme Court.  He really should be appointed to the United States Supreme Court. 

     With his charming manners, Judge Russell has won the respect of the Paradise women who anxiously dress in their best outfits to appear before his bench.   He is always quick to show his approval.  “Good afternoon, Miss Wilson,” he will say leaning slightly towards her and smiling.  “I am happy to see you looking so well today.  Are you enjoying your stay at Paradise House?” Miss Wilson, reassured, will give him her brightest grin as she replies.

     Judge Russell will be speaking at Paradise House’s Fall Fulfillment Fundraiser on Saturday September 26th from 5:30 to 8:30 in the Masonic Lodge, 692 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, New York.  The event costs $20 per person and includes a buffet supper.  You are welcome to attend and hear in person what this remarkable man has to say.

     Also speaking will be Buffalo City Controller, Mark Schroeder, a man who upholds the high principles of rigorous honesty and concern for the welfare of all residents in performing his job. 

     A tasteful fashion show will be presented by past and present residents of Paradise House.   A Chinese auction will also be included.  It will be an evening with something for everyone.