No Time for Petty Politics

    Dear Editor: 

    Mayor Byron Brown is the head of the police department. The Police Commissioner serves at the pleasure of the mayor and takes direction or orders from the mayor. On August 29, 2015, the Commissioner had “No Standing” signs posted on Best st. between Jefferson Ave. and Masten Ave. during the hours of 8 a.m.-8p.m. There was no construction or street paving going on Aug. 29th.

     There was a scheduled basketball finals event conducted by Buff City Hoops in Masten Park adjacent to Johnny Wiley Stadium on Best between Jefferson and Masten Aves. The “No Standing” signs on Best inconvenience families and friends from normally parking on Best to see their boys and girls play in the Buff City Hoops finals.

     Historically year in and year out little league football is played in the park , “No Standing” signs are not posted. Buffalo public schools use Johnny Wiley Park for track&field, football and baseball. “No Standing” signs are not posted by the police Commissioner.  From the information I’ve heard, the Brown administration misused its political power in a petty personal way to harm a political rival, and in the process harmedBlack, Latino and White boys and girls by inconveniencing their families and friends with bogus “No Standing” signs.

     Hats off to the organizers of Buff City Hoops led by County Legislator Betty Jean Grant and all the brothers, sisters holding up our creativity!

- Roy St.Clair