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Restore Special Police Officers!

Dear Editor:

   The Buffalo Special Police Officers was created in 1927. This citizens group of officers was largely dormant until 2004, when it was restored to the City Charter with specialized duties and no liability insurance from the City.

  The force was recruited by then council person and former Mayor James Griffin, to patrol the streets in South Buffalo. The “Go To Force” was expanded to serve in other areas such as Masten, Lovejoy and North Districts, along with providing security for special events. These officers offered assistance to Animal Control officers in the on going crackdown on unlicensed animals, which was quite a problem at that time.

  We, as senior residents, would welcome the restoration of the Special Police Officers, as our main issues are public safety and security because these impact our daily lives. We also agree that additional eyes in the community would be a deterrent to crime, and that these officers would compliment our Buffalo Police Officers.

     We urge our councilpersons to back our request by allowing this group to patrol in their districts. We would also request that our council persons assist in finding a revenue source to help provide funding for the $1.5 million insurance policy that the city needs for protection in the event a Special Officer is sued; or as provided in the earlier charter, require Special Police persons to provide bonds indemnifying the City of Buffalo from liability.

  From a senior perspective, restoration of the Special Police Officers seems to be a win-win deal.

  We wholeheartedly and humbly request your support.


Inez R. Hord

Concerned Senior Citizen