Pardoning Political Prisoners In The United States 

Dear Editor:

During his presidency Barack Obama has pardon some of the following; Wall Street bankers and Drug dealers. During this same period, he has yet to pardon any of the large number of political prisoners, Black, White or Native American in Federal prisons all over this country. 

This is the same president who received the Nobel Peace prize after coming into office. During his period in office he has continued the wars started by the Bushes before him. He has enlarged the global scope of Drones and their use all over the world. He has deported more people than any other president before him. He has allowed, whistle blowers, like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and most famously Edward Snowden, to be imprisoned or exiled to silence them. He has covertly allowed more spying on not only US citizen but so-called Allies as well. Other than Obama care, for too many people of color, things have not vastly improved. 

During both of his administrations, he’s had to fight an openly racist Senate and Congress tooth and nail to even get a few positive things accomplished. Now in the last months of his term he has a chance to make a lasting long term effect, in regards to the freeing of some of the world’s longest held political prisoners in this country.  

The question is why hasn’t he even remotely addressed this long standing issue? While he has spoken about human rights all over the world, it appears he’s gone deaf, dumb and blind to our political prisoners; examples, Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Assata, Shakur, David Gilbert, Mutulu Shakur, Russell Maroon Shoats, Jalil Muntaqim, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin[Formally known as H. Rap Brown], Sundiata Acoli, Veronza Bowers, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Avelino Gonzalez Claudio, Atty Lynne Stewart, The MOVE 8, Sekou Odinga, to name a few. At this late hour with the stroke of a pen, he could make history by as Spike Lee eloquently put it,”DO THE RIGHT THING”.

For too long Obama has been a cautious figure, who appears to be trying to walk a tightrope between the two parties. Well its check out time and he can do what we know he should have done a long time ago, address this issue NOW. If he needs examples, Bill Clinton pardoned some Puerto Rican political prisoners, who were from NY, so his wife Hillary could win the election there. Even John Hinckley,  the clown who almost killed, President Reagan has been released from the mental hospital St. Elizabeth’s in D.C. Under the Bush administration’s, criminals Like Oliver North, who was responsible for trafficking and bring large shipments of Cocaine into the country for the Iran Contra wars, was pardoned without even going to prison.

To those who say, so how can we get him to even consider the idea, I say just like the stupid ICE BUCKET challenges that went viral, we must do the same. Also make sure that everyone we know posts this letter or better still write your own and post it. Make short videos and post them challenging, Obama to ...FREE’M ALL! Of course I expect to see a lot of naysayers, who will find any excuse to do nothing while claiming to support our FREEDOM FIGHTERS. As my mother use to say, “either get busy or get gone.”

I’m especially aiming this message at the younger generation of activists, BLACK LIVES MATTER and others who are now continuing the struggle, which the political prisoners started. For too long only a very small group of Black folks and our White, Asian allies have been carrying the burden for these changes. Sadly, too many Black folks my age, either never cared or only pay lip service to the idea of freeing political prisoners. If there ever was a good time for this to happen it is now. Enough talk about racial harmony, its SHOW AND TELL time.

As someone who spent time in Federal prisons all across this country for, what now would now be called terroristactivities; theft of military weapons and attempting to burn down the Walter Reed arsenal in Washington D.C. , I know close up and personal what life for those who dare fight against this facist nation means.

Fulani L. Carter Twitter @darkonya