“Pastor Pridgen Brings Power To The People!”

Dear Editor:

Bishop Darius G. Pridgen made a way.  He opened up the doors of True Bethel Baptist Church and over one million bottles of water were delivered by the people.  Then Robert (Bob) Rich III, President of ROAR Logistics, Inc. took care of the logistics and delivered the water to Flint.  On the east side, we may not have much but we have each other, as the saying goes.  The east side came together and made a difference.  We helped the residents of Flint, Michigan.  We got a chance to see the power of the Black dollar and the power that is right in our own backyard.  The residents of Buffalo and powerful businessmen like Bob Rich III, came to help us when they heard about Operation H20 because we were doing something positive that they wanted to become a part of. 

Thank you Bishop Pridgen, who led us to the water and gave “power to the people.”   There’s a lesson to be learned in all of this from Bishop Pridgen and Bob Rich, III.  Don’t wait for a phone call.  Help others when you see someone in need and don’t hesitate to ask others to help you help someone else if you can’t do it alone.  And like Big Momma taught us: “Don’t you forget about them folks who helped you along the way when you needed help ‘cause you just might need to call on them same folks again one day.”