Agreement on Parking Plan in the Fruit Belt “Disturbing”

(Back In may a tentative deal was reached on the Fruit Belt resident parking issue. It was reported that the proposal came out of talks involving Fruit Belt residents and unionized workers at the Medical Campus. The agreement, which must still be approved by the state Legislature, calls for keeping half the streets open to for general a public parking and the other half for workers at the nearby Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The program – which will be a two year pilot -  was praised during a press conference held at the Moot Center, located in the Fruit Belt. Politicians, thanked residents and union representatives as well as each other for the work everyone has done to get the agreement. )

Dear Editor:

What I find most disturbing about the recent News article “Tentative Deal Reached on Frit Belt Resident Parking,” is there has never been an agreement between residents and the unions.  On the contrary, there’s been strife and threats on the part of the unions, with CSEA threatening to block the bill again if the residents do not support their fight for affordable parking. The power elites lied to us and the media.  We are painfully aware that unions are not our friends nor do they care about the impact they have on a predominantly Black neighborhood.  These are suburbanites who view us as insignificant.  They have the power and money to move our elected officials in any direction they want.  All we have is a desire to live comfortably in our neighborhood. 

What sense does it make to have 500 parking permits, 250 for residents and 250 for employees? Most of the residents and their visitors, not to mention church members, and store patrons, will be left out of the equation.  I must hand it to Buffalo, we really know how to “not know what we are doing!”

As for Benjamin Cashaw, he … does not represent us. He represents the power elites. Who made him spokesperson for us?!  The power elites of course! 

People! The decision is just around the corner. Make your voices heard and tell our officials, “this is unacceptable!!!  We should not be at the mercy of a political “power ball!”

Please spread the word! wide social media for those of you who can!!! 

Veronica Hemphill-Nichols


Restorative Justice

Fruit Belt/McCarley Gardens Housing Task Force