Thank You, Challenger Community News

 Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Buff City Hoops Basketball Tournament committee, I would like to thank editor and publisher, Alnisa Banks and the Challenger Community News for the outstanding support ad that ran in your last edition. We know that your newspaper is struggling as are so many businesses on the eastside and yet you promoted our Thursday evening fundraiser atthe Varsity Theater on July 28th.

The proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to pay for the basketball jerseys, sports equipment, referees and food and beverage all day for over 300 teenage boys and girls. Buff City Hoops does not charge the family for their child's participation as we know the hard economic condition many families on the eastside, are experiencing. On this day, they can attend the tournament and have a great family day with their neighbors and friends.

The community can help support this event by donating on our Face Book's GoFundMe page, Buff City website or by sending a check or money order to: Buff City Hoops, P.O. Box 1614, Buffalo, NY 14215. Or, you may call Betty Jean (716) 602-5877 or Esther (716) 697-6034.

Betty Jean Grant, Founder

Buff City Hoops

Buff City Hoops Sports Foundation