High-Powered Rifles and Weak Elected Officials:

Can we Receive a Little REAL Leadership for Once?

Dear Editor:

My God! Will they ever get it right? Will they ever get it together? Will this mayor, this administration, these professed elected official ever get their act together? Will they EVER do what’s right for the citizens, the youth of this city? The July 19t edition of the Buffalo News reports “High -powered rifles proposed for city police.” 

NOT investment in programs that will keep our young people in school.

NOT a program that works with businesses and contractors that would employ our youth and young adults. 

NOT the investment in recreational programs in all parts of the city tokeep young people safe and off the streets during the summer.  

NOT programs to de-escalate tension between youth in this city. 

NOTprograms to reduce teen pregnancy. 

Instead -  high powered rifles intended to use on we all know who!!!! It appears that nothing is disgraceful to our city leadership, or they simply continue to disgrace us with their total lack of interest in solving the real problems that plague too many of us. We’ve had enough lip service. For God’s sake, can we receive a little real leadership for once? 

-Sally James