It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over!

Dear Editor:

Next week Tuesday November 7, 2017 is Election Day We have a few major issues facing our community, the office of Mayor, and Erie County Sheriff, and three major propositions that will be on the back of each ballot that are very important to our everyday life. Your vote is very important this year. We The People have the power to make a positive change. We must be selective in how we come out and cast our VOTES.

I encourage residents to become smart voters. Don’t vote for anyone that you don’t know, and do not vote for anyone just because they are Democrat or Republican or any other political affiliation. If you do not know them and are not familiar with their platform do not vote. As this election year relates to the mayoral race, please join me in casting your vote for the office of Mayor. If you are tired of Mayor Brown, and you believe in term limits for all elected offices, I urge democrats to cross party lines and vote for Mark J. F. Schroeder on the REFORM Line 11-H for Mayor.

Mayor Brown won the September Democratic Primary. Betty Jean Grant, and Mark J. F. Schroeder’s combined votes cast totaled 53%! Let’s make a real change for ALL of Buffalo. Look for the Reform party line on the left side of your ballot, count down to line 8, and then look across to the last column for Mayor.

The second choice I’m asking the community to give their vote to is Bernie Tolbert for Erie County SHERIFF. We have to remove Howard. We cannot have any White supremacy sympathizer such as Sheriff Howard in office. He must be removed. Please come out and vote for Bernie Tolbert as Sheriff, his name will appear on the Democratic line.

Next and very important are the three proposition which will appear on the back of your ballot.

Proposal One – Constitutional Convention. The question is, should there be a convention to revise the Constitutional and amend the same? Vote YES.

Proposal Two - Forfeiture of an elected official’s PENSION if convicted of a certain Type of Felony while in office. I’m Voting YES, and you should too!

These two propositions are the most important so please Vote. And please do not vote for anyone that you do not KNOW. That is the most dangerous Vote that Black people here in Buffalo can cast!

Make sure you get out to vote on Tuesday, November 7and exercise your right to be a selective Voter!

- Samuel A. Herbert of Buffalo Fillmore District.