Do We Need More Security In Our Churches?

Dear Editor:

Time and time again we hear the phrase, "it can't happen here." We all hope and pray that it does not, but like at Mother Emmanuel A.M.E. Church, in Charleston, and more recently at First Baptist Church, Sutherland, Texas, it could. In a country where we are witnesses to too many of these honor stories, we seem to be seeing an increased attack to our most holy buildings. I say this unfortunate fact because 1 think we have come to a point where Church leaders must begin to seriously re-evaluate security in our churches. In most of our churches, when you walk in, the only way most people (in the instance of an emergency) know how to leave, is the same way they entered. I would venture to say that most Pastors, Rabbi's, Imam's, etc. have (as of this date), failed to have in place an emergency exit plan for their congregants.. I hope it never happens here, but emergency plans, if not in place, must be implemented in our house of worship. Just in case.

-Roger Jackson