Dear Editor

 I wanted to alert you that a correction is needed for Legislator Betty Jean Grant’s The (Buffalo) Billion Dollar Question… from the January 25th edition.

In her fourth paragraph, she mentions “ funding a study (mind you, a study) to see where to put a new train station in Buffalo ($25 million)…”  Reading this insinuates that the study is going to cost $25 million – this is inaccurate. Governor Cuomo challenged Mayor Brown to conduct a study within a 6mo time period. If successful, the Governor would pay the $1 million cost for the study, if unsuccessful then the Mayor’s on the hook for the $1 million. The $25 million is earmarked as 2018 state DOT funds for construction of the new Amtrak station, where ever it is selected to be located. These funds will most likely also be used to leverage federal funds to complete the project.

It should be mentioned that the Assemblywoman is a member of the formed Amtrak Station Relocation Committee, and that the majority of the proposed locations are on Buffalo’s East Side (east of Main St.), located within the 141st Assembly District. While most elected officials have their personal preferences on where the station should be located, we have been tasked by the Mayor and Dean Robert Shibley with keeping an open mind to all of the information and testimony being submitted, and that is what we will continue to do for the duration.