“Low Income Families Are Targeted

In Erie County Holding Center Monopoly”

Dear Editor:

The Erie County Holding Center and local food supplier are targeting low income poverty stricken families in a Food Price Monopoly. 97% of all inmates are below income Poverty lines; yet these inmates are Paying for Commissary items that are Astronomically inflated. 

Inmates are served 3 small meals per day between the hours of 5am Breakfast and 5pm Dinner. That’s right after 5pm no food is given for 12 hours unless you purchase items from the commissary. What is the inmate commissary? Inmate commissary is an out-side vendor where an inmate can order food if he or she has available funds in their account to supplement the 12hours of not receiving any food from the Erie County Holding Center.

Food on commissary is considered a privilege yet I cannot think of one human who goes without food for 12hours unless by choice or force without being hungry. 

The Erie County Holding Center bids out contracts on everything yet this inmate commissary has been controlled by one vendor for years monopolizing prices on items frequently sold. For instance, a ramen noodle soup in stores is .11cents per pack, the Holding Center vendor charges .75cents per pack. .25cent chips cost $1.00, one bar of zest soap costs $2.00 Prices are raised with no warning, food is down-sized yet prices stay the same. 

If inmates complain deputies say it’s a privilege to receive so its not grieveable. Inmates are allowed to spend $140 a week on commissary times 500 inmate’s times 52 weeks. Please tell me who’s privilege is it our or theirs.  Who’s getting the kick back from the company not our family not us. The deputies have a new weight room a 60inch T.V. and each have an Ipad to just punch a clock. We inmates have a T.V. that doesn’t work most of the time. Like New Jack City this is Bigger than Nino Brown. 

All inmates are dependent on family for support and most families are below poverty lines. To directly target a certain group of people and monopolize their eating and spending is a form of slavery. To say to them if you complain we will stop it and you’ll be hungry for 12 hours a day is a form of slavery. 

Companies like Bell were broke-up because of monopolies why is it ok for the Holding Center.

Elected officials, Ms. Peoples, Ms. Grant,Mr Pridgen, Mr. Wyatt, MayorBrown PLEASE HELP. Whatis going on is not legal and only affects just-us (justice)!

-A Concerned and 

Conscientioius Inmat