Vaccines, Autism and The Black Community: We Need to Talk…

Dear Editor:

I have just finished watching Vaxxed The Movie online and it is the most frightening documentary, non-fiction, or fiction film I have seen in 50 years. It is about Autism. We have to show this movie for a discussion in our community. There is a monster hiding in America and it is not under our beds or in our dreams and the Centers For Disease Control and all the pharmaceuticals know it. This issue has been a back burner in our minds for a very long time.

In the last four years that I have been working in the public school system of Buffalo I have been questioning the hard evidence and asking myself why are we suddenly having an upsurge of Autism in the African American community and why does it seem to be impacting so many of our children that are male? This movie is hard evidence that we have been deceived by the CDC. I watched the congressional hearings that sought to resolve this issue of, "Do vaccines cause Autism and is the MMR one of the primaries in causing that illness?"

After the hearings, like so many other issues, nothing else has happened. This film made me remember that President Obama sanctioned the fact that there was link between Autism and vaccinations in a public video announcement during his presidential term. I remembered feeling outraged about how nonchalantly he spoke. Yet I failed to follow through on what I thought and because I said nothing and did nothing, even within my own family, I may have an autistic grandson.

This movie gives an answer to Autism based on scientific documentation done by the CDC that was not allowed to be part of public discourse. It showcases parents who have known that they were being lied to, because prior to their young child having this vaccine they were normal children who never returned to normalcy after that vaccine. In fact, the CDC has known for a long time that the age the vaccine is given is wrong, because a child under three years old body is not able to handle the dosage of a three in one vaccine.  Remember our children use to get these shots at different times. There was no research into what the outcomes of combing these shots would be other than the fact that the pharmaceuticals would profit greatly. There is linked evidence that giving these shots to children at 3 years old would be better.

Since the combined shot has been given world wide there has been an international explosion in Autism. The number here in America is staggering. In the congressional hearings a congressman remarked that Autism is not like some childhood illness that a child dies from in 20 or 30 years. Autistic children live well into old age, so we will be responsible for their care a long time. 

I work with Autistic teens at City Honors that are blessed to be high performers, but for the majority that is not the case. Some of these cases I got to see up close this summer and in schools that I worked in before City Honors. We need to show this film and have a panel discussion following that showing that includes parents and experts.

I hope you all will agree. We serve on powerful ministries within our churches and our communities. We owe this film and its discussion to our children and families in Buffalo. We have many young women who have infants in our church and are of age for having children in the future. We must be at the front of providing life quality information to our people.

Peace, Love, and Blessings,