The Race forMayor: Will the Real “Spoiler” Please Stand Up?

Dear Editor:

It is finally time to set the record straight for all of those who call themselves a supporter of Byron Brown, and wrongly claim that Legislator Betty Jean Grant is a “spoiler” inthe race for mayor. It is clear that these individuals are either living in a fantasy world, or they have no real concept as to what the mayor of “an entire city” is supposed to do as they govern, or worse (for those who are Black) they have never experienced how Black mayors govern. Unlike mayors in other cities (take Rochester for example) Mr. Brown has never truly been a mayor who believed he was “to lift as he climbed.”


  Let us look at history over the past 12 years. 

    When we had an African American who ran, and should have been elected New York State Senator to represent our community, who did Mayor Brown support? NOT the Black, better qualified candidate. 

     When, on three separate occasions we had exceptionally qualified African Americans running for Supreme and County Court Judge seats, who did Brown support? NOT the Black candidate! 

When we had an African American running for the office of Buffalo City Court Judge, who did Byron Brown support? NOT the Black candidate.

WhenByron Brownhad the opportunity TWICE in the last five years to appoint an African Americanto the City Court Bench, who did he appoint? Two White females whose friends and family had more sway then the entire Black community!

As local, state and federal leaders condemned Carl Paladino for his insults to our first African American President and his wife, Byron Brown was and continues to be noticeably silent and absent.

As North Buffalo, South Buffalo, West Buffalo and “Canal Side” have thrived and the EastSide of the city continues to spiral downward, our “Black” Mayor has done nothing but claim that which has/is being done by Kaleida Health and U/B Medical School   as far as our East side development. Only 12 years into his governance and coincidently as he runs for re-election, he NOW pretends to have a plan to address East Side problems.

During 12 years of construction projects that have included a billion dollars on school construction, Solar City construction, construction along Canal Side, Delaware Avenue, Main Street, and the list goes on – this mayor has been SILENT as Black and Brown residents have been denied a fair share of the job opportunities

As streets around the city have been paved and new sidewalks and curbs have been put in we havebeen left out. 

As efforts have been made to push us out of the Fruit Belt and the Masten District, so that others can move in, not a word from this mayor.  As the County Executive hascondemned the creation of new apartments in the Ellicott District that poor or lower income families can’t afford, Brown has been quoted as saying he sees no problem with this.

No, good people of the City of Buffalo, Betty Jean Grant is NOT A SPOILER! Byron Brown has demonstrated he is not worthy of our continued support, and the sooner the people open their eyes and accept reality, the better off we will be.

I suggest that it is Brown who is the spoiler. And HE should be the one to get out of the race!

-Derrick Davi