Empire State Super Barber and Stylist Trade Show A Success!

The  air was electric with creativity at the Adams Mark Hotel last Sunday during the Empire State Super Barber and Stylist Trade Show. One of only 20 held across the country scheduled for 2017, it featured educators from California to Toronto; experts who took barbers attending the day long education classes to another level. That evening competitors showcased their skills in Traditional Barbering, Free Style Design, and Student Tradition. There was also a Women's Barber Battle.  The entire event,  said the show’s promoter Sean Thompson,  was designed to “inspire, motivate, interact and celebrate the art (of barbering)….and possibly learn something!” Sean is the proprietor of Sean’s House of Masters on East Delavan Avenue. He’s been barbering since 1989,  starting while a student at Morehouse College in Atlanta. He is a member of the elite Major League Barber Organization where he serves as an educator and also showcases and hosts shows around the country.  The founders of the Major League he points out, are really big on helping African Americans get to the next level to be successful and create more money.  Sean also teaches barbering locally at BOCES. He proudly notes that he has taught and turned out 100 licensed barbers who attended his classes since he began teaching. Pleased with this year’s turnout for the Barber & Stylist Trade Show,  he has already booked next year’s date – May 20, 2018! These events show exactly what a barber can do! “I’d like to give a shout out to the community for supporting the show and showing up,” he said. “ Next year will be even bigger and better!”  Great Event See You There Next Year on May 20th ! and Keep up with Seans House Of Masters on FB