“Easter is Nothing Less Than Proof of God’s Love For Humanity.”

Without question, Easter Sunday, also known as Resurrection Sunday, is the most sacred day for Christians. Each year on this most holy day, we celebrate that Jesus gave his life as the supreme feat of love on behalf of all humanity, and we also rejoice that death did not have the final say over the life, lessons, and legacy of Jesus. 

Moving beyond the empty tomb that marked the very first Easter morning, Christians have affirmed the belief that Jesus lives in the hearts of his faithful followers and, in turn, we have life proof of God’s love for humanity. It marks the continual process of God reaching out to us in order to be part of our lives. The promise that is fulfilled by Jesus on that first Resurrection Sunday—that God will be with us always—empowers us to endure the worst and best of times. Because this bittersweet tension of life is all the more intense for African American Christians, Easter has always had a particularly significant role in the Black Church tradition by signifying that we were serving a God of resurrection.