“Pressing for 100!”

                       REV. AND MRS. HILLIARD

                       REV. AND MRS. HILLIARD

On August 14, 2016 The Humboldt Parkway Baptist Church family along with the Hilliard family, friends from near and far gathered together at the New Golden Nugget for the 90th birthday celebration of Reverend John T. Hilliard!

Reverend Hilliard is the beloved pastor (44 years) of the Humboldt Parkway Baptist Church.

The birthday celebration program began with a solo selection “Ride On King Jesus” by Mezzo-Soprano and niece Rae-Myra Hilliard.

Expressions of love were shared on behalf of area Pastors and Ministers from Reverend William Gillison Moderator of the

Great Lakes Baptist Association, Deacon Donald Bradley Chairman of the Humboldt Parkway Baptist Church Deacon Board spoke on behalf of the Humboldt church family. Last but not least; comical reflections were shared by Reverend’s daughter Linda Williams on behalf of family members. A moving tribute from son Darryl Hilliard to his dad was also shared.

The “icing on the cake” was the proclamation read by Mayor Brown proclaiming “August 14, 2016” as Reverend John T. Hilliard Day!”

A most wonderful time was had by all !

As Reverend Hilliard always states: “I’m pressing for 100 !!!”

-Submitted by Carol Melson