Open Mic in Black & White Host GOODNESS

Open Mic in Black & White Host GOODNESS

Ladies and Gentlemen introducing this edition's showcase artist in the spotlight, Natalie Green.

Born in Buffalo, New York, the youngest ofthreechildren, Natalie has always loved writing and reciting poetry since the age of 6 or 7.

She graduatedfrom Hopevale U.F.S.D in 1978 (Diploma), and in 1980 attended Bryant and Stratton Business Institute.

"Nat G.," which is her poet handle, describes the genre of poetry she composes as "Recovery Inspiration." All original pieces are her own truths, about her life's journey being a recovering addict - 14 months drug & alcohol free and counting, hopingto encourage others.

Natalie has performed in a few of my "Two Day Inner City Poetry Marathons" in the past. I applaud her bravery, for telling her story and giving her testimony. She aspires to become an author in the near future, so beon the lookout out for thepublished works from this upcoming artist.



This column is open to all talents no matter the age. So without further ado put your hands together and please welcome to the page (stage) Nat G.!



    By Nat G.

In spite of all that's said and done.

I'm the only one, who has an opportunity to overcome,

this season of destruction that I'm in the midst of. 

Dredging through the muck and mire 

of this black existence, even showing resistance, 

to the freedom that's in front of me.

Refusing to see, just for a second, how happy and free I'll be, 

if I remove this facade of ego, and pride, and stop trying to hide, inside the pain that I'm so accustomed to.

Could it be true? That fear is so embedded inside my spirit, 

that the pain feels like pleasure?

That I could possibly treasure the fact that I'm stuck? That I've run amok, into this crazy, wild existence that I insist is life?

That I embrace the strife, the struggle, that keeps me distracted enough to forget about my misery?

Wow, that's deep! Let me creep my way back

 around this newfound philosophy, into the reality that I know.

That's if I show just one ounce of gratitude,

have one seed of faith, 

I'll have plenty of help, on this journey I take!      -Nat G.

** FINGER SNAPZ **"Get 'Em"

Again, thank you Natalie for being my featured guest, you can find her on Facebook under Natalie Green.

If you or someone you know would like to be a feature please submit a photo, short bio, contact information, and an original poem/song links for audio or visual to; shawndrell03@gmail.com .. in subject put: open mic in black and white.

Thank you for your time and attention, hope you've enjoyed what you read/heard, be sure to catch me again soon to see which artist will have the last spoken word.