African Heritage Food Co-Op Launched on the Eastside of Buffal

On August 12 the African Heritage Food Co-Op had its first pickup of fresh produce on Bailey and Kensington Ave. The Co-Op currently works with local farmers to bring healthy foods at affordable prices to the East Side of Buffalo.

For $30 (membership fee) members received large boxes of fresh fruit and produce directly from local area farms valued at between $50-$70 . They also have the option of having it delivered free of charge.

The African Heritage Food Co-Op is owned and operated by residents of the City of Buffalo. It is a Black owned enterprise created to combat the food deserts and price gouging inflicted upon our community, explains Alexander Wright , whoserves as president of theFood Co-Op

During an interview with Channel 7 Digital Report, Wright said that the “last straw” was when he saw an African American woman being disrespected in one of the corner stores.

The community he said, needs to own something together; something sustainable that we can be proud of and build upon. Their two to three year plan, he said, is to build a cooperative grocery store on the Eastside of Buffalo, employ residents and increase ownership by the actual people in the community.

Ultimately he said, the Co-Op envisions owing its own farm.

The Co-Op is hosting a meeting on Saturday, August 20 at 11 a.m. at the Johnnie B. Wiley facility on Jefferson and Best St. Persons interested in joining and or supporting the effort of these young visionaries are invited to attend.

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