Sharpton Calls For Historic March In D.C. For January January 17th

Reverend Al Sharpton and National Action Network have called for a major march/rally in Washington, D.C for Saturday, January 14, 2017. 

We Shall Not Be Moved is the theme for the march that has been called to protect the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and safeguard the legacy of President Obama.  Thousands will converge on the nation’s capital a few days before the King national holiday and six days before Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the nation’s next commander-in-chief.

“We will rally and put him (and the nation) on notice that there are some things that will not be changed no matter who is president and what party dominates the House and Senate,” Reverend Sharpton wrote in his weekly Huffington Post column titled, “Notice to Trump: We’re Ready.”

   Trump and Congress must protect civil rights, voting rights and ensure that affordable health care is an option for all Americans, Reverend Sharpton said. 

“Some have given their lives and others dedicated their lives to try to make Dr. King’s dream a reality, and now they have added to that mission by preserving the legacy of President Obama. Groups come and go, elections come and go, but some things must remain constant and non-negotiable,” added Reverend Sharpton.

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