We Endorse Betty Jean Grant For Mayor "It Is Time" 

On Tuesday, September 12, Primary Election Day, voters will go to the polls to vote for their choice for mayor.

For residents of this community, it is an especially important vote because regardless of the city’s progress over all, there remains, as former Council Member James Pitts so aptly describes it, “a hole in the donut.” And that “hole" is our community which has basically been neglected for the past 12 years. The “hole” is also symbolic of the oftentimes painful disconnect between the current mayor and the people who have been his staunchest supporters. Despite the many beautiful and talented people surrounding him, the examples of this “disconnect” could fill a book.

Mr. Brown may get an A for being “a productive partner in Buffalo’s revival.” But he gets an F for neglecting the East side and the people who have been his most loyal supporters .

Betty Jean Grant, in the spirit of her former friend and political colleague, the late Beverly Gray, entered this race to give voters a real choice. And we proudly endorse her in her bold effort to become the next Mayor of the City of Buffalo.

Betty is a community activist who happens to be a politician – and a very good one at that. She is fair, committed, knowledgeable and unafraid to take a stand and speak out for what is right on behalf of those she was elected to represent.

Her candidacy represents an exciting alternative. It is also potentially historic as should she win, she will become the first female mayor of this city. And she will be a good one. Betty Jean Grant, an experienced lawmaker, has promised to leave no neighborhood behind; to improve the police department; to fight gentrification, support our schools, and more. 

There is still much work to be done on so many levels ; so many wrongs to correct and make right; so many fences to mend and relationships to build. Sadly what Mr. Brown didn’t do for us in 12 years we doubt he will be able to - or even willing to do - in the next four. We need a mayor who is connected, committed, caring, inclusive and fearless; someone who will make good on their vision for a better Buffalo "on the move" for every community..

In this race, that person is Betty Jean Grant. We invite our readers to join us in voting for her for Mayor on Primary Election Day Tuesday September 12!

Betty Jean Grant

"My Candidacy for Mayor of Buffalo is Driven by Need and Neglect "

In what would have been my reelection bid for a 5th term in the Erie County Legislature, representing the 2nd District, many in the community were shocked when I opted to make a run for the Mayor of Buffalo race instead. I thought long and hard about why I was running, what I could bring to the position that would be beneficial to the city, overall and finally, would I have enough trust and support from the voters to make a viable run for the seat. Why I am running can be easily answered by traveling down any eastside or lower west side street and witnessing, first hand, the neglect and the non distribution of city resources in the neighborhoods and commercial strips where these streets are located.

Potholes from last year's winter season still remain unfilled and causing major car tires damages as well as knocking one's car out of alignment. Senior citizens waiting forever for the federal housing grants to fix their house's city code violations or replace the leaky roof that they have been trying to get financial help for. These Seniors and low income individuals did their part and applied for the funds in a timely fashion but are forced to wait months and most times, years, for the application to be finalized and processed. T

he greatest attribute I bring to this election bid is my freedom, independence and my willingness to advocate for those who are reaping the benefits and services they are obligated to receive as taxpaying citizens of Buffalo. I am owned and controlled by no entity other than the voters who will elect me to the position as the mayor and chief executive of this great city. Over my political career that has spanned over 18 years, serving as council member, school board member and currently as county legislator, I have purposely not solicited or taken money from the big developers who seem to have such a lock on this city and most of its elected representatives.

I have not been lured by huge campaign contributions that could come from the Carl Paladinos and LP Ciminellis of the construction world and that, most times, come back and tie the hands and close the mouths of those who have forgotten who put them in office, in the first place! Finally, the question of will the voters support me was loudly answered by my campaign collecting almost 7,000 signatures from duly registered Democratic voters who voiced strong support for my candidacy and for my campaign to become the first female mayor of this city. Many of those who signed my signature petition stated that they believe that I would do the right thing for both them and the city, as a whole.

I am honored that they put their trust in my ability to lead this city forward. I am committed to making Buffalo a great place for all to live, work and benefit from the renaissance and revitalization that are certainly taking place. It is my solemn promise that, under my mayoral administration, no neighborhood will be forgotten, not funded or left behind.


We Endorse Charlie Fisher For Legislator 2nd District

It’s unusual that you get three good candidates seeking the same seat. That is the case in the race for Legislator for the 2nd District.

April Baskin, Charley Fisher III and Dunkin Kirkwood, are all impressive. And that’s encouraging. However of the three, Charley Fisher stands out in terms of unmatched experience and of having a proven track record in this city for advocacy on behalf of this community. And that is why we proudly endorse him in this election.

Charley is a natural replacement for Betty Jean Grant’s seat. He has served under Mrs. Grant as well as former Deputy Speaker Arthur O. Eve and as a former Council Member. Committed and uncompromising in his fight for what is right, Charley started out in politics as a young man with the civil rights organization BUILD .

He has been active ever since. Knowledgeable and savvy – if elected he will be able to hit the ground running. Charley has always been passionate about his community and his people. He most recently won support from some of the city’s political icons such as James Pitts and George K. Arthur who referred to him as “unbought and unbossed.”

Ms. Baskin and Mr. Kirkwood are two of our brightest and best and we are grateful that they are ready to take on a leadership role. However in this critical, unfriendly political climate, experience matters, and Charley Fisher is the most experienced candidate in this race hands down. Please join us in voting for Charley Fisher III for 2nd District Legislator on Primary Day, September 12!