The 6th Annual Roses for Outstanding Women’s Awards Program was held on Saturday, March 5 from 2 - 6 p.m. at the Central Library auditorium in Downtown Buffalo. There were 28 women honored. Rev. James Lewis will MC the program .

The honorees received a red rose, certificates of achievement and a surprise gift. This year’s honorees are:  Ina J. Ferguson, Rev. Janice Fisher, Patricia A. Elliott, Joan Sutton, Dawn Triggs, Sonia Banks-Williams, Rosetta B. Swain, Patrina Muhammad, Edna F. White, Grace Turner, Audra Gist, Eve Shippens, Veronica Hemphill-Nichols, Margo Warr, Brenda Hicks-Russell, Ada L. Deans, Rev. Anne Paris, Katie Nichols Harrod, Geneder Wilson, Cecelia Henderson, Constance Robinson, Lori Singletary, Tamika Collins-Murphy, Sydney Brown, Laura Williams, Brenda McDuffie, Norvella Pendergrass, and Katrinna Martin.

The program was dedicated to Viola Hill, Emma Callahan, and the Late Ora B. Felts. Rev. James Lewis will be the program moderator. “Roses are known for their great beauty and they have a special place in our lives,” stated Roses program founder Eva M. Doyle. “All of the women to be honored are like these special flowers. They stand out in our community and touch so many lives.” 

For more information on future Roses event call 847-6010.